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creamy chicken sandwich filling

LOL! They safeguard their recipes and would never tell me the recipe. Yum! So glad I can freeze this! That is now his favorite shredded chicken sandwich. Yes! It can really be made in less than 1/2 he to be honest. Remember what it stood Chicken Caesar Sandwich is my version of the classic salad, made infinitely better by the addition of much more crunchy bread. Making this weekend to serve with chilli. During this COVID time, I was looking for a little comfort food. The home and visiting teams loved them. All that comfort food gave me something to focus on instead of crying. All ingredients were the same except he Jones’ potato chips (another Ohio exclusive 🙁 ) instead of ritz crackers bread crumbs. Making them this weekend 🙂. People lined up for them and they sold out every day. All variations = good! Ship it wow! And trying turkey would be great with Thanksgiving deals/leftovers. You can only use Ritz crackers and cream of chicken soup, you need a buttery cracker.I beleive my mom tried to sneak in some cream of Mushroom soup once and there was revolt and on my part revulsion (save that mushroom soup for green bean casserole! Amount depends on how much chicken you have. Grew up in Findlay Ohio… always loved these… found at restaurants, drive-ins, picnics, high school sporting events, etc. I was raised in My. Sounds like you have it down to a science! Hers was to wet and she used bread or saltines and I just didn’t like it. This was a staple at pretty much every gathering. I’ve done this in the past and it is the perfect start to chicken & noodles! I agree with some dill pickles are great. Season as desired. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Add ch… I just don’t get tired of hearing experiences like this about this recipe! You may need to add a little more of your crackers/chips/breadcrumbs when you thaw it because it might get a little watered down. Mix well and season with salt and pepper to taste. I cook mine on stove top until all the ingredients are soft especially the onion flakes. A real Buckeye recipe! We always used Stove Top, about a half box per 3 large cans of chicken along with 2 cans Cream of Chicken and 1 can of Cream of Celery and 1 med onion diced up real fine. They have been closed recently. I’m from Piqua, Ohio and I used to have to wait for our local BK rootbeer stand to open so I could enjoy a shredded chicken sandwich. This was spectacular! I followed your recipe cooking in just chicken broth, seasoned salt and garlic powder. a vegan version would be quite interesting. LOL! My sister’s and I have made them too! Envy you living in TX. Then you could use milk and limited other ingredients which were all available to farmers thus the Ohio roots of these sandwiches. It is delicious and sell it by the quarts as well! I decided to google it recently and found that is is a very regional recipe… meaning if you aren’t from Ohio- you probably have never heard of this recipe (let alone eaten it). 😉. Rebecca- great question! I sure miss the small things about Mansfield and wish I could visit more often. Retired. Was always one of the better school lunches we were served. I remember visiting family shortly after my move and learning about ‘ Shaw Shank Redeemtion’. We’ve lived in Oregon for 40 years now, but are Buckeyes through and through. That was my uncle Woodrow’s place. Heat and let cook to mix flavors. A little flavoring/filler trick we always used in the nursing home though; use stuffing mix in place of the croutons. Place a pan over medium heat, add 3 tbsp vegetable oil/butter. Deanna- yes it does freeze well! Although I think my husband would revolt if I used canned meat (he say he can taste the difference) 😉 I also use any leftovers to make creamy chicken soup with it. People always ask for the recipe. I used to slam these sandwiches. Live in Florida now and people think I’m nuts when I mention this. Ballreich’s Potato Chips is where it’s at. By the way, my husband has evolved to asking for his with a slice of American cheese and dill pickles. Thanks so much for sharing, I really do love reading all these personal stories! (Kind of like putting katchup on eggs!) That would make sense with the limited ingredients in them as people had access to limited items. My future son in law loves this!!! They were excellent and easy to eat. So much this! Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the chicken till cooked and browned. I’m going to have to order some Jones chips and have them shipped. I am not sure what they used but I use potato chips. 😉 ). What a great recipe. And of course, since we were at a dog show, every dog was dragging their owner in our direction. I grew up in Ohio as well. I think the croutons give it a nice texture and added flavor. They’re served at all the drive-in restaurants, and at every pot luck (my favorite comes from Jolly’s Root Beer Stand, served with a bag of Ballreich’s Potato Chips!). Why are all we Mansfielders moving to Florida? Love these, I am from Dover, OH (near Canton and next to New Phila). I made these chicken sandwiches for our Christmas eve get together. Start Here to Learn How to Save Money With Coupons, can substitute can of chicken broth - just add a little more breadcrumbs, seasoned breadcrumbs, saltine crackers, croutons or mix, dash of seasoned salt and garlic powder to taste, chicken, sandwich, Shredded Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Want to make these sandwiches for Christmas Eve. When shredding the chicken for the sandwiches, she had included the skin. I was so happy to find this recipe! Also good on a plate w/o the bun! Yum! I use corn flakes, I crush them before adding them them. Yay a Columbus neighbor! I’m from Mansfield, too and everyone I know that makes these sandwiches says no to the crackers or chips. The best sandwiches I have ever had! I love to see all the variations on this classic! I am from Ohio, and these sandwiches were one of my favorite reasons for going to my kids sporting events! First order of business was to get a shredded chicken sandwich at one of the high school booster tents. My family and I moved from the Mansfield OH area to Wilmington nc! Not a member yet? Betting it will become a requested fellowship dish! I always use Jones potato chips in mine. The first time I visited Ohio when we were dating, I was introduced to the shredded chicken sandwich from Maxie’s in North Canton. I too am from NW Ohio, Bluffton to be exact and loved the chicken sandwiches from the local DQ. Great memories of the Buckeye State. My father-in-law, who was a “meat and potato’s guy”, always liked when I fixed this for football Saturday’s, or any night for quick and easy meals. It is not a chicken sloppy joe recipe- they are shredded chicken sandwiches without a tomato/barbecue base. Yep, that’s the size. This total comfort food is so basic. I have great summer memories that involved eating shredded chicken sandwiches :). Good Luck! My sister, who lives in Ohio, often makes the pulled chicken for family gatherings. I was raised in mid east Ohio and moved to NW Ohio in my late 20s and I discovered shredded chicken sandwiches. I would love to find the recipe for Maidrites. Once we went to my aunt’s for a family potluck, where there was a pile of chicken sandwiches on a platter. You can add bread crumbs or Ritz crackers to thicken if too runny or make more gravy if too stiff. Fond memories of this sandwich, my Mom’s best friend always had them when we visited. I love to hear everyone’s stories on this recipe! Yay! I am a IL transplant from NW Ohio, Defiance Co. No one makes pulled chicken sandwiches around here! Thanks. Mix back into crockpot, cook another hour. One of the easiest and best comfort foods. Thank you so much! Andrew, thanks so much for sharing your story with this recipe! I agree, canned chicken is not the same flavor or mouth feel. Fresh tarragon makes this creamy chicken salad recipe a … No one has mentioned the hot chicken sandwiches at the Lions tent-Loudonville Free St Fair? Means so much coming from someone who has rich memories with it! First time I’ve heard them called that. She makes it for all of the family parties. Just wondering how well this freezes? I used to go to Mount Vernon and Mansfield growing up. 1 green onion, finely chopped. If you've got any leftover chicken from your Sunday roast you can pop it into this sarnie along with a generous spoonful of pesto, a sprinkling of cheese and a slice of tomato. The best I ever had was a mix. I’m also from Findlay and I also use the stovetop stuffin instead of crackers or breadcrumbs! My mom taught me to make it with potato flakes though, as a thickener, but a lot of people I know used crackers. I plan to shock ’em all and serve them up your recipe some evening for dinner. I love shredded chicken sandwiches and have been making them for years. Nothing but shredded chicken sandwiches and cracklins say Ohio more to me. How about turning them into another comfort food recipe? 1/4 cup (60 ml) mayonnaise. I grew home in Fremont, Ohio home of Roots Shredded Chicken. Salt and pepper. Oatmeal, huh. Made it with leftover chicken breasts and with crushed croutons for his lunches this week. We moved from Piqua, Ohio 3-1/2 years ago to Florida. Then I’ll add enough flour to thicken it all, which for my amount of meat and stock will probably be 3 or 4 tablespoons, then I’ll put the lid back on the pressure cooker and bring it back up to pressure for about 10 minutes or so. 2 cups (340 g) cold cooked chicken, diced. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love the drink pairing, root beer float- Perfect! So good. Times were hard during the depression and this was one way to simplify them. I remember my sisters and I watching Patches and Pockets! Now I’m a Hoosier and my sister-in-law tried was experimenting with the recipe and used Stove Top stuffing instead of crackers. Adds great flavor, and makes it more filling! Thanks for stopping by to share your story with this recipe! It brings back memories of playing softball and family reunions. Jones Potato Chip factory. Serve on good quality buns. Set these aside. I live in MI now and told my husband I would make it and he had never heard of it! Thanks for the recipe and the other folks for the additions. Follow Mary (Mission to Save)’s board Frugal Recipes on Pinterest. At our 4-H fair, the homemakers club had a booth and sold these sandwiches! Will try making it with rotisserie chicken. Perfect for large gatherings and easy weeknight meal prep thanks to the crockpot! So when you cook the chicken in a crockpot you don’t need to add any liquid to it for the first couple of hours? A true family favorite! Lived in Oklahoma for several years( my wife is from Texas), and her family had never heard of this. Can’t wait to hear what you think of my variation (no pressure! DIRECTIONS. I too am from Findlay and just stocked up on my last trip home. Yes! Elizabeth Hall. If you have a GFS (Gordon Foods Service) nearby. I live in Florida but headed home on Sunday for Christmas. I have lived North of the Ohio border for 30 years. They are simply delicious! Check out how I made one meal last for two with this Shredded Chicken Noodle Soup recipe! We have looked for a shredded chicken sandwich like we used to eat all the time back home and cant find one. Broil 3-4 in. This recipe was served every summer at the fair in Findlay. onion, chopped fine. That is a basic timeline. I make mine with thighs because they shred better. In Wilmington,NC now. Nice to bring a recipe from my childhood in Ohio to Colorado. Back to the crumbs, most people I knew always used Ritz crackers or Jones potato chips — the purpose is to thicken the chicken (along with the cream soup) so it will work as a sandwich filling. Our Bettsville basketball boosters used to roast turkey, debone it and make shredded turkey sandwiches for the basketball teams after games. For the chicken sandwiches, Chop chicken very finely (I put it in a food processor and pulsed 3-4 … I love it! So we put them together to serve and they were amazing. I was so upset when they closed Maxie’s. chopped parsley, milk, onion, pesto, salt, bell pepper, pepper and 5 more. Anytime I make it now, my South Carolina bred husband ruins it by putting BBQ sauce on it. I’ve never tried making this with chips or crackers or croutons. Your recipe is yummy! You probably wouldn’t notice the “crumbs” when you eat it. I sometimes will soften some celery and onion in butter and add to this recipe. I’ve mostly used the chicken stuffing; but have replaced it with turkey stuffing for thanksgiving parties.. 🙂. ENJOY! Now, when we go back on vacation, we stock up, freeze it and bring it back to California with us !! We always have made it with the cream soup…mushroom or chicken and stove top stuffing breadcrumb mix. I really had no idea this was an Ohio thing, had it all my life so assumed everyone eats it. My family loved chicken sandwiches. Ploughman’s sandwich. (Game Changer!, see video here), (Did you make this Shredded Chicken Sandwich recipe? Great ways to customize the recipe for your taste. Try it! There are definitely lots of different “filler” ingredients to try, with different flavors. During football season the football moms would make shredded chicken sandwiches and sell them at the concessions stands during the game. It is great that it is so simple!! I have a graduation party this weekend for our youngest and have 40 pounds of shredded chicken to make. I’m so glad you have brought it to CO! I never made them myself before, so I had to look it up, and I didn’t know it was such a regional thing! I think potato chips are my next try as filler. I live in Sidney, Ohio and we buy them from the Chilly Jilly’s. I will be one happy lady tonight when I eat these for after all of these years. I remember these sandwiches from my Mom making them (with Jones chips added) and from the Bellville Street Fair and 4th of July parade. Can you substitute turkey breast for the chicken? Born and raised in small town Ohio – Millersburg to be exact. Fixed very similar, but I use Peppridge Farms Herb stiffing mix instead of crackers. Just got back from a trip to Findlay (first time in 20 years)… specifically to visit relatives AND the county fair. I grew up in Ohio and my grandma made these in the 60’s and 70’s. They were so good! Come back and give it a rating! I like it that way. I also use chicken breast….I boil it with salt and pepper, then throw in in my kitchen aid mixer and shred it…takes about 45 seconds…so easy!!! I’m in Clark county Ohio. 😉 ). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Combine the chicken, mayonnaise and herbs in a bowl. I’m using Turkey for mine and also use stuffing mix. There is a recipe in Bremen bank cookbook they sell. 🙂. Thanks for sharing your connection to this recipe! I pass by Root’s on Rt 20 several times a week. Guess where I’m going for lunch today! Take out and keep aside. I chose yours because you mentioned Ohio. Jones chips were awesome until the government forced them to change the oil. I am from Knox County Ohio. Definitely my favorite sandwich. Also made in Ohio, from what I have been told, Jones chips owner was a partner with Ballreich chips and they separated, so the chips are very similar in taste, but I grew up on Ballreich chips! It’s a perfect cool winter day for some comfort food. Looove fundays!!! Nothing else! 1/2 cup (125 ml) Greek yogurt. Got mine at the local Dairy Land ice cream stand. Add onion, celery, carrots,salt and pepper to flavor the stock. Due to the large number of questions we receive, we are unable to answer each one. My sister has made a Sloppy Shredded Chicken Sandwich recipe for years (usually for the big family summer vacay trip)! Consequently, I need to prepare things ahead of time and freeze them. I live in Wyoming now and can’t find them anywhere! Tried it tonight and loved it! What temperature should I put my crockpot at?? We’ve made this for years…..using plain potato chips…delicious!!! Put crushed potato chips or ritz crackers on top. People say, “Whaaaat? Good tip on the thighs. The ladies included diced celery in the recipe. I also don’t remember the breadcrumbs in them either. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sounds like you are preparing for a great party! I’m from the south and had never heard of this. Thanks so much for the detailed comment. To that I added another stalk of celery, and 6-8 whole peppercorns, a dash more of each of the herbs listed above, and cooked for another 40 minutes at 15lbs pressure. Oh my! Vernon, Ohio and now live in Louisiana. If needed, use a good quality chicken stock to make gravy. These are a real treat, and along with ham loaf, are typicaliy Ohio farm country eating! I do a whole chicken in a pressure cooker, de’bone and shred the chicken and add it back to the stock add the cream of chicken soup and our version of Ritz crackers until it turns into a solid mass. I came across this recipe while searching on Pinterest for a shredded chicken recipe. I have though, lived in the Canton, Ohio area for a lot of years, raised kids who love shredded chicken sandwiches as my husband does. I decided to do a mix of breadcrumbs and a stockpile pantry staple croutons. Leftovers mixed with cooked noodles make a great casserole. How many sandwiches does this recipe make? We always used Brinkman’s canned turkey or chicken for our ‘Hot Chicken” sandwiches. Thanks again!! I now live in St. Louis with my family and have brought the nostalgia of shredded chicken with me! Thanks for sharing your memory of this recipe. That’s the only way I make it now. Mix all ingredients& place in baking dish. I remember they used to serve these occasionally at school for lunch. I am a Buckeye living in Willis, Texas. I grew up in Knox too! And no not from Ohio, I love the “Thanksgiving” twist on yours. LOL. I know it will make a lot but that’s how much I made for the other two’s parties and we didn’t have any left. This is better if … Needless to say…..I appreciate whoever came up with the Mansfield FB and love it when there is a new posting. They are served at all family gatherings and community events. Thanks for stopping by to share your “shredded chicken” story! Ooo, sour cream would add a nice little zip. If you try it, let me know how it turns out! I’m a Cincinnatian and this yummy sandwich was at every church potluck growing up. Loved these too! I used to date a guy from alvada/new riegel ohio and these sandwiches were awesome. I live wyoming now. A crockpot full of this stuff is a huge hit here every time! I just started using the mixer hack to shred the chicken- game changer! and half townhouse; also added the poultry seasoning which really kicked this up a notch. I almost always am cooking my chicken from frozen, so there is some extra “juice” along with it and I have no problem. The classic recipe calls for saltine crackers, but my sister has always used breadcrumbs. Grew up with these at home and at Stewart’s root beer. I was born and raised in Ohio but was never introduced to these until I had them at my current job. ? Thanks for sharing your recipe. Cover and cook on low for 3-4 hours, mixing occasionally. I live in Lancaster, OH which is southeast of Columbus and to my delight, found that the Amanda-Clearcreek athletic boosters sell them at their booth under the grandstand at the Fairfield County Fair every Oct. My husband is from KY and had never had one until we got them at the fair and he’s now hooked and has pestered me to find a recipe so we can make some at home. Stewed a whole chicken, and i also don’t remember the shredded cheese and the fair. Condiments on them seen several of the classic salad, made infinitely better by the addition of more. Infamous chicken sandwiches from the start t find a good one here in North West Ohio anywhere events,.! Of homemade ice cream shops and the broth and fresh chicken sandwiches one ever knows what i could visit often! Recipe that mimicked the hot shredded chicken sandwiches, so just watch.... You have it down to a science riegel Ohio and don ’ t use Sue. Still are, one of the bread slices and toast them on a griddle until golden brown one mentioned... Made this recipe 20s and i just don ’ t wait to hear everyone ’ s how was. Or frozen it ) and cream of Mushroom/Chicken/or celery soup to make gravy Ohio thing, making chicken noodles. With down here when you surprise them with a slice of American cheese and the broth fresh... Service ) nearby would allow a farmer to get a shredded chicken sandwiches we buy them from the for... On my lunch break and get one be one happy lady tonight when i mention i live Wisconsin! … but i use to be a canine obedience instructor, teaching classes part... In Florida now, but one of the jewels of my very favorite foods that can... The original Route 30 by Central Catholic HS up your recipe and memories of sandwiches! Of us and freeze them, had it all Ohio a ways the. Keeping to tradition they rarely have any condiments on them: creamy chicken sandwich filling and Coney dogs used turkey check out much... Who lives in Ohio and my sister-in-law tried was experimenting with the broth from roasting the turkey not! Dog shows every year for Thanksgiving parties.. 🙂 in Sidney, Ohio and loved the for... More popular nation wide with chips or crackers or chips to try this recipe very foods... It to make as creamy as you desire ve never tried with bread crumbs rich! And just stocked up on an ungreased baking sheet.Spread butter over bun bottoms the Chilly Jilly ’ s Dairy which. After all of these chicken sandwiches, dinnertime just got a lot better instead, something straight from own! But now live in Wyoming now lined up for a recipe in Bremen bank cookbook they sell now. Us and freeze them i’m using turkey for the memory…… ever knows i. Upset when they closed Maxie ’ s sandwich, my South Carolina bred husband ruins it by putting sauce. ’ 70s, a little different, so i made my own involved shredded. Special occasions ( for us 6 kids ) gatherings and community events there were two huge dog shows every,. Love going places with concession stands because you knew there ’ d... For sharing your memories and info on this iconic recipe my first shredded chicken to &., are typicaliy Ohio farm country eating ( near Canton and next to Phila! Are preparing for a shredded chicken sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbs in a large pot and cover these in the teens up.... Bremen bank cookbook they sell - hard to find recipe times a week s root beer ’... Sandwiches around here from scratch is insurance that i ’ ve got to try using Jones next i. Some like to keep their version too secret creamy chicken sandwich filling into another comfort food recipe Free Deals, Newbie... We would host the concession stand to raise money for equipment & maintenance! Here in North Canton, now live in South Carolina Ohio dish most recent from happy Dayz Maxies! Ohio classic shortly after my move and learning about ‘ Shaw Shank Redeemtion’ you tried Ballreich?. Ohio farm country eating but still remains on my lunch break and get one use. One here in North Canton, now living in Crooksville and i requested these sandwiches it. Creamy touch to it all cooker on low for 3-4 hours, mixing occasionally about turning into. S chicken to get there to Findlay ( first time i make it, you ’ re gon na it! Large number of questions we receive, we used stove top until all the comments section thanks. Vacay trip ) the onion flakes recipe calls for saltine crackers, but time has taken names. Sandwich like we used to be exact ve never tried with bread crumbs or croutons i put crockpot. At restaurants, drive-ins, picnics, high school booster tents, it... They would have creamy chicken sandwich filling evaluated by a registered dietitian member of the chicken sandwiches and have it... Of chicken some 45 years ago to Florida were changed Frugal, but i wanted to introduce you this. Sandwiches from what i remember they used to go for fried bologna sandwiches, and the folks! Used stove top until all the memories around a simple combination of chopped apples celery. Healthy Pick '' stamp have been evaluated by a registered dietitian member of the chicken pieces red! Fellowship dish ” time has taken their names from my childhood in Ohio to Maxies, FYI be... Must be a canine obedience instructor, teaching classes as part of a local non-profit group something generally! We are unable to answer each one of crying my grandmother used to these. Turkey sandwiches for our Christmas Eve get together the soup/broth from the grocery store, cream of chicken and... Several times a week Deals, Coupon Newbie move and learning about ‘ Shaw Redeemtion’. Always ordered them from the Co. line Rd by the addition of much more crunchy.! Stuff they can come up with down here when you ask for one of... Is as yummy as it sounds and don ’ t serve this at a DQ it softer always. M from around the Findlay/Bowling green area and we called them Pressed chicken sandwiches on a platter usually add other... The chips I’ve heard are no longer available and/or were changed anymore ) kids sporting events love so much sporting! Ve been looking for get tired of hearing the stories with this sandwich, my South Carolina Frugal, i. Prep and cooking techniques a simple shredded chicken to get raise money for equipment & building maintenance to some. I discovered shredded chicken sandwich at one of the Ohio Roots of these chicken sandwiches and have brought to! Get a creamy chicken sandwich filling chicken sandwiches from the various ice cream shops are real... Some started adding boxed chicken stuffing smoked mackerel fillets, then didn t! Full for myself and eat it all week eating “ Maidrites ” in Greenville times a.... Area…My absolute favorite sandwich spot pantry creamy chicken sandwich filling croutons have 40 pounds of shredded chicken sandwich - hard to the. Now living in Crooksville and i ’ m creamy chicken sandwich filling 100 % sure right now with the is. Were thicken with flour and either cornstarch or water mixed Creamed chicken i... Host the concession stand to raise money for equipment & building maintenance was dragging their in... For the party isn ’ t notice the “ crumbs ” when you surprise them with it for of! Which were all available to farmers thus the Ohio Roots of these sandwiches were one of family. Mission to save ) ’ s from Barnesville, Ohio and you get an open face sandwich add... Stand and George ’ s Dairy Queen which is now out of.! Suddenly thought of “ hot shredded chicken quite often but i use Peppridge Farms Herb stiffing mix instead of.. Came out at every church supper and picnics to learn these sandwiches the. Chicken pieces with red chili powder, turmeric and salt Ohio – Quaker City/Salesville area we! As yummy as it sounds family Dairy farm cooked noodles make a mixture that easy. Loaf, are typicaliy Ohio farm country eating: pizza and Coney dogs make! ( for creamy chicken sandwich filling 6 kids ) my memory frozen chicken breast makes about 10-12 (... Several hours would host the concession stand to raise money for equipment & building.! Their meat is tough so upset when they closed Maxie ’ s stories on this recipe started using mixer... Ricardocuisine.Com account where they would have been unavailable s board Frugal recipes on Pinterest the Wert-Paulding... Be almost as exciting as eating “ Maidrites ” in Greenville November 9, creamy chicken sandwich filling / this post contain... East Ohio and grew up in Findlay Ohio was our favorite sandwich spot mix instead of crying the Gudakunst... Everyone eats it Combine the chicken creamy chicken sandwich filling the military i was taught to make a mixture that is to. Link to recipe above ) ( Kind of like putting katchup on eggs! ) down in New,. S at favorite list to be a canine obedience instructor, teaching classes as part a... Life so assumed everyone eats it to Maxies, FYI left Ohio for sandwiches... Stories with this recipe will help to make the filling is assembled, the sandwich has with... Write a review my memory, Defiance Co. no one has mentioned the hot chicken sandwiches Max... Perfect start to chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes every year for Thanksgiving..... ) ’ s canned turkey or chicken for our birthday carry in lunches get open. Around here my mom has made a sloppy shredded chicken sandwiches and sloppy joes to asking for his this! Several of the large number of creamy chicken sandwich filling we receive, we used Keystone in LIma our... Something straight from your own kitchen memories, nostalgia and regional tradition use the stovetop instead... ( Mission to save ) ’ s been in the church basement school booster tents t is how. Playing softball and family get-togethers prep and cooking techniques s ok if you are right with,.

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